Dear ones, as long as we have desires of this world, we cannot
become one with the Master. From this illusion, when we bring our
mind above by doing Simran, even then it (the illusion) does not leave us. Then we complain that mind is not attentive and doesn’t
concentrate and there is no progress in meditation. We worldly people have these complaints.

Dear ones, those who have done meditation have never complained about these things. No devotee has ever recorded any such complaint. This happens because of the spreading of mind and we ourselves have done this. No Master has ever told us to let our mind expand and scatter out in the world. Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj has written in His book that getting married is not bad. It is good. However if you have get married, earn your bread well, live well, spend your life in the right manner and do Bhajan and Simran.

There is no need to change your dress, caste or language. You are given the technique. You should do what they say while living at home. Get up at 3:00 am and spend three to four hours in one position.

At first, do Simran using your tongue and then stop your tongue and do it with the thoughts of your mind.
- Sadhu Ram

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